ultrasonic fuel sensor
ultrasonic fuel sensor
ultrasonic fuel sensor
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, ultrasonic fuel sensor
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, ultrasonic fuel sensor
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, ultrasonic fuel sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

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Ultrasonic Fuel sensor is used for fuel level monitoring by connecting with GPS tracker or GPS speed limiter or any other internet based communication device.

UniGuard offers ultrasonic fuel level sensor with high accuracy and stable performance.

Working Theory:

Connect with GPS tracker to monitor fuel consumption realtime online by web and APP.


1 super high ultrasound, no need break tank.

2 Max measure range is 5M

3 Wide working voltage 5V/12 to 48V.

4 RS232/RS485 output

5 Stable signal output, accurate algorithm

6 High accuracy up to 0.1mm 






Tank bottom ()

Use glue and bracket

Working Voltage



Working Current

≤ 25mA


Measure Range

5 to 150cm

Default. Adjustable.

Measure Accuracy



Measure Resolution



Ex Certification

Exia IICT6


Working Temperature

-40 to 70 °C


Storage Temperature

-45 to 75 °C





Interface baud rate

9600 bit/s

Adjustable. 8M wire.

Wire Definition

Black-GND, Red-Power

Yellow-TX/B, RX/B-connect device.

Green-RX/A, TX/A connect device



ultrasonic fuel sensor package


Installation Picture

ultrasonic fuel sensor installation

Installation Process

1 Find a proper place to install the sensor. Clean the installation spot with abrasive paper.

2 Connect display with sensor head, use power bank to power display.

  1. Put some water on head, place head to the spot. The display shall show current height of fuel. Compare the displayed height with actual height. If the height is right, it means this spot is the right installation place.
  2. Use glue to install the sensor, and also install the bracket. Make sure the display is still connected so as to ensure installation is right.


ultrasonic fuel sensor application

1 Vehicle fuel consumption monitoring

Monitor vehicle fuel consumption all the time, and the sensor does not break vehicle tank.

2 Tanker fuel monitoring

Monitor the transported fuel in tanker lively online, to avoid fuel theft.

3 Chemical liquid monitoring

Without opening the chemical container to know how much liquid is left.

Problems to solve

1 Abnormal fuel consumption, including fuel theft, bad driving behavior

2 Refuel fraud, including less fuel adding, fraud fuel adding