gf22 gps tracker
gf22 gps tracker
gf22 gps tracker
gf22 gps tracker
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, gf22 gps tracker
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, gf22 gps tracker
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, gf22 gps tracker
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, gf22 gps tracker

GF22 GPS Tracker

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GF22 GPS tracker is a small, and portable device. It is used to track the location of people or objects or vehicles. It uses GPS technology to determine the precise location of the device and shares the location via GPRS network to the user’s phone or web tracking software. The GF22 is designed to be discreet and easy to use, making it a popular choice for tracking vehicles, assets and kids.

Our GF22 Tracker APP is ZEROGPS or GPSPOS. If you are using 365GPS, we cannot help.

gf22 gps tracker

How does GF22 Work?

GF22 GPS tracker works by using a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) and cellular network technologies. The device has a built-in GPS module and antenna so it can receive coordinates from satellites. Once the device gets the coordinates, it sends them to a remote server by using the cellular GPRS network.

The server then processes these coordinates (geo-coding) and makes it available to access through a smartphone app or web tracking software. The user can view the location of the GF22 tracker in real-time and set up geofencing alerts to receive notifications when the tracker enters or exits a specified area.

GF22 GPS tracker also has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Depending on tracking interval or usage, it can last for several days. The device is charged by a USB cable when power is low. With the SOS button, the user can send out a help message and call by pressing the button. With a microphone, the caller can listen to the voice around GF22, as well user can control the device to record the audio around the device.

GF22 Features

1 Accurate Location tracking by GPS, LBS and WIFI (GPS location accuracy is less than 10 meters)

2 Live Location tracking on APP and Web

3 History traces playback on APP and Web (History is stored for 6 months.)

4 Remote voice monitoring/ listening-in with high definition silicon microphone

5 Remote audio recording on APP (User can command device to start voice recording or setup device to do automatically voice recording when there is vibration or louder voice.)

6 Unlimited audio recording times

7 Auto audio recording when shock detected

8 Auto audio recording when voice is detected above 60 db

9 Geo-fence alarm to give alert when GF22 moves out the preset area

10 Built-in 500mah rechargeable battery

11 Low battery alarm

12 SOS alarm (Press SOS button, GF22 shall call preset phone numbers and also alarm on phone APP.)

13 Magnet installation. GF22 comes with built-in magnet.

14 Auto callback when voice is detected above 60db

15 Auto callback when shock is detected

GF22 GPS Tracker Specifications

Positioning accuracy 10 – 50 meters
Memory support Do not support. Have unlimited recording space on APP
Positioning accuracy GPS+WiFi+LBS+AGPS=10-50 meters
Recording range 80 square meters
Platform view SMS + APP + computer
Communication frequency 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Charging input 5V voltage
Working temperature -20 – 85 Degree
Network standard GSM / GPRS
Microphone Buit-in for voice monitoring and audio recording
SOS button Emergency alert
Backup battery 500mAh
Product size 26*13*43