OLD Tracking Software

GPSPOS is one of the most advanced web based gps tracking software in the world with multi-functions and reports. It supports not only web tracking system but also Phone based tracking app suitable for any phone iPHONE or Android. Also, with user friendly interface, any person professional or fresh to GPS web tracking software can manage the software smoothly including creating unlimited user accounts and assigning vehicles.

Compared to old software, new GPS web tracking software has below advantages:
1 user friendly
2 more reports (30+)
3 support web and both IOS/Android APP
4 easier for bulk fleet management
5 email alert
6 vehicle maintenance alert

It mainly has below 11 big parts:
Track and Locate
Control and Command
Configure and Set
Real time alarm reminder
Advanced Geo-fence
History report and Playback
Multiple Reports
Vehicle management
User account management
User friendly features

Below are some screenshots from the GPS tracking software:

Real time tracking all devices
GPS Web Tracking Software
Track devices separately in different map window
GPS Web Tracking Software
History Playback (Traces and Detailed Points)
GPS Web Tracking Software GPS Web Tracking Software
Geo-fencing (Rectangle, Polygon, Round, and Route)
GPS Web Tracking Software GPS Web Tracking Software GPS Web Tracking Software GPS Web Tracking Software
Fuel Consumption Report and Details
GPS Web Tracking Software
Detailed Vehicle Trip Report
GPS Web Tracking Software
Image monitoring Report
Historic photo report
Alarm Report
Mileage Chart
Last Location Report
Parking Report
Speed Chart and Report
Add POI (Point of Interest) and Get POI Report
User management and User Privilege
account-privilege GPS Web Tracking Software
Vehicle Management
GPS Web Tracking Software

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