Zimbabwe Standard of Speed Limiting Device

Speed limiting and tracking device is used to do real time tracking of vehicle and limit the vehicle at a safe speed. Zimbabwe Road Traffic Act (Speed Limiting and Monitoring Devices) Regulations was posted in 2023.

Per the Road Traffic act, below are two important factors concerning vehicle speed monitoring and limiting devices:

speed monitoring device” means a device and its accessories fitted on a public service vehicle capable of monitoring the speed of such vehicle and recording or storing the data thereof;

speed limiting device” means a device and its accessories fitted on a public service vehicle capable of being set to control, limit the speed of such vehicle not to exceed 100km/h;

In this case, GPS Speed Limiter UT04S can achieve both with one installation. With GPS tracking software, we can monitor the speed of vehicle lively. With portable printer, we can print last 72hrs of speed and alarm data. With USB disk, we can download the last 72hrs speed and alarm data too. With speed control feature, it can limit vehicle speed at any preset value. The act is 100KM/H, so we can configure device to limit speed when vehicle running speed reaches 100KM/H.

Vehicles to be fitted with speed monitoring and speed limiting devices:

No person shall operate or drive on any road a passenger public service vehicle registered in Zimbabwe or a heavy vehicle with a net mass of four thousand six hundred kilograms (4 600kg) or more registered in Zimbabwe, unless both of the following devices are fitted to the vehicle—

(a) a speed monitoring device; and

(b) a speed limiting device limiting such category of vehicles to a speed not exceeding 100km/h:

Provided that the devices referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) have been certified by the vehicle inspecting officer and approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

Main requirements of the speed governors for motor vehicles

1 Limp mode: The system shall be “failsafe” that if the speed limiting and monitoring device is tampered, like external power or speed signal or wire is disconnected from vehicle, then the vehicle shall not be able to drive in excess of 20KM/H. GPS Speed T04S limp mode is 20KM/H

2 Easy access. The device data shall be easy to be accessed by an authorized agent so as to very, authenticate and test. GPS Speed Limiter UT04S can be setup by config cable with SSCOM tool. The data can either be downloaded by a USB disk for future analysis or downloaded via SSCOM with print cable. We have 2 versions.

3 Speed signal: The speed monitoring and limiting equipment should get speed either by speedometer signal or GSP speed. GPS Speed Limiter UT04S supports both.

4 Tough harness. Harness or able should be sealed well to pass certification purposes. UT04S cables are made of copper and covered with strengthened and fireproof nylon plastic.

5 Speed reach prewarn. The speed governor should prewarn driver at 5% prior to the set speed limit. UT04S has a built-in buzzer. When vehicle speed reaches 95% of the set speed value, the buzzer shall make discontinuous sound to warn the driver.

6 Speed limit execution. When the set speed is reached, the speed governor shall temporarily cause the engine to lose power but not kill the engine. UT04S speed governing wire is connected mostly with fuel pump positive side. When vehicle speed reaches 100KM/H, the fuel pump shall loose power to supply fuel for 2 secs, when speed come downs, power supply shall be restored.

7 Speed limit value should be tamper proof. UT04S speed can either by set by SMS with password or config tool or WEB. Only authorized and professional person can do it.

8 Speed accuracy: The set speed limit deviation shall be not more than ±3%. UT04S speed deviation is around 2%.

9 External device checkup. The road speed governor system shall be equipped with a system which accept an external device for testing and verifying. UT04S has config and print port to check its status.

10 No tamper of vehicle’s normal operations. UT04S shall not effect vehicle own system. It starts to work only when the vehicle speed is reaching the set speed. It does not affect vehicle brake system or acceleration. It does not cause excessive juddering and engine brake system.

11 CE and RoHs. The speed governing device should pass electromagnetic emissions, raid frequency, and environment protection. UT04S has passed CE and RoHs test with detailed testing reports.

12 Marking. Each units should be marked with below information:

Name and/or trade mark of the manufacturer

Model Number

Serial number

Country of origin

Set speed, express in KM/H

Calibration date

UT04s already has above information except the set speed and calibration date, which is supplied by the installer. As well, we can do pre-setup before delivery to our clients or our clients can do setup by SMS or computer tool.

UniGuard has been supplying speed limiting and tracking device to Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Zimbabwe.


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