Why You Should Buy Bell GPS Tracker

pet gps tracker

Previously, we only thought only cars and phones could be tracked. Today, the pet industry has embraced technology in keeping track of the human companions. No one wants to lose their pets after spending years as a family and creating a bond. The thought, leave alone the actual act of losing the family companion, can be dilapidating.

Although bloodhounds can track scents that are over 12 days old, as humans we don’t have that capacity. That is why you should think of ways to track your pet. At times the human companions can be mischievous. The desire to explore and quench curiosity is inherent to both animals and people.

You can lose track of your pet whether within the house as they tease you or on the runway as you go shopping. But it is not every cat GPS tracker that will suit your pet. You should be considerate of the weight and real-time tracking capacity. Bell GPS beats most competitors when it comes to effectiveness.

Reasons You Should Choose Bell GPS Tracker

  • Lightweight and attractive
  • Real-time tracking
  • Value for money
  • Pets are chasers
  • Track daycare movement
  1. Lightweight and Attractive

Pets are not meant to carry logs around their neck. The Bell GPS Tracker is not only light but also attractive. It looks like a piece of jewelry around the dog or cat’s neck. It also comes in various colors. Do pets care about color? A common misconception that dogs are color blind should not lead you to put any shade around their neck. Pets can recognize different colors and they have preferences as well. Therefore, you should go for attractive cat tracking collars.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

Pets can run and within minutes they are miles from your location. Greyhounds can hit the highs of 70km/hr. If we take the speed of the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt), he could only do 44km/hr at the height of his career. I mean, you need a system that can track the exact location of your pet at the right time. Any misguided calculation could mean you are chasing after the wind. Bell GPS Tracker keeps you in the loop about every step that your dog or cat makes.

  1. Value for Money

Who wants to buy a dog GPS tracker after every month because it is in pieces after a short time? Apart from being water-resistant, the Bell GPS tracker is made from durable material. Its smooth finish guarantees resistance to damage from water or dust. The outer casing is also sturdy to keep the inner part from any tampering. Because it is difficult to keep watch over the pets every minute, they can get the tracking collar out of shape when playing or messing around with water or dirt.

  1. Pets are Chasers

Pets are at times on the run and they will make a sprint on your way to shopping. In such a case, running after the companion can prove futile. However, with the help of your smartphone, you can keep track of the pet. Bell GPS Tracker will help you keep a close watch over your pet even in crowded places. The pet tracker is inch-perfect in showing the exact location of your dog or cat.

  1. Track Daycare Movement

In case you have to leave your pet for daycare or home care, you can relax as you trace its movement. Although the movement of the dog and cat should be controlled, pets like strolling and you may require this information. The Bell GPS Tracker collar keeps you informed if your companion wanders from the location. You don’t have to keep making constant calls to make sure the pet is within the care center.

According to Peeva, more than 33% of the pets go missing each year. Your dog or cat does not have to be among the statistics. You should take a proactive approach rather than taking measures when it is too late. The dog tracking collar helps to reduce or eliminate the probability of your companion ever getting lost.

It is even more worrying to note that more than 80% of the lost pets are never found. The uncertainty of the fate of your family companion can be gut-wrenching.  Apart from that, some dogs and cats are euthanized each year to control the population of prodigy pets. Considering all these factors, there is every need to consider Bell GPS Tracker if you care about your pet.


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