Truck Fuel Monitoring with GPS Tracker and Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Fuel monitoring for cars or motorbikes is not accurate as their tank shape is irregular and hidden. The installation of fuel monitoring system will be difficult and inaccurate, which means it is not effective to apply fuel monitoring solution on small vehicles.

A complete fuel monitoring system must include GPS Tracker, external fuel sensor and GPS track software. Some will say that we can use the vehicle own sensor, it is pointless. The original fuel sensor on vehicle is what is used to deceive the truck owner that fuel consumption is right. With the installation of external fuel sensor, any liter of abnormal fuel consumption shall be detected.


To monitor vehicle fuel consumption well, we not only need a reliable monitoring system, but also must be quite clear about the ways of fuel theft, so as to establish an accurate fuel monitoring and control system based on them.

Below are the common ways of fuel theft:

  1. Siphoning from Tanks: Thieves use hoses or pumps to siphon fuel directly from vehicles’ fuel tanks, especially in parked or unattended vehicles. This is the most common and easiest way to steal fuel directly from tank. With GPS fuel monitoring system installed siphoning fuel from tanks shall trigger fuel theft alarm on both web and APP.
  2. Unauthorized Fuel Card Use: Employees or unauthorized individuals misuse fuel cards or access codes to acquire fuel for personal use. By comparing the refuel amount of gas ticket and GPS tracking software, it is easy to know if the refuel action is made to company vehicle or personal vehicle.
  3. Tampering with Fuel Systems: Altering fuel lines, such as the fuel return pipe, to redirect fuel for personal use without authorization. Steal fuel by altering the fuel return pipe is a very tricky way and it is very hard to be found out. Alerting fuel pipe will not cause fuel theft alarm as the fuel consumption is regular. However, there is always a way. A truck with fuel return pipe alerted, its fuel consumption per 100KM is higher than other trucks travelling at same route. By comparing the Fuel consumption report per 100KM, we can know which truck has alerted the fuel return pipe.
  4. False Fill-ups: Inaccurate reporting of fueling or exaggerated fuel consumption to obtain additional fuel. This kind of action can be monitored by comparing actual refuel amount with GPS fuel monitoring software.

Beside fuel loss caused by thefts, there are also wrong driving behaviors that could increase fuel consumption:

1 Keep engine at idle state for long time. Though at engine idle state, fuel consumption is low, with time flies, it will be a lot of fuel wasted in a year.

2 Keep Air conditioner on at off work time. Air conditioner consumes a lot of fuel, this can be monitored by using GPS fuel monitoring system.

How to do truck fuel monitoring and avoid fuel theft by using GPS Tracker, Fuel Level Sensor and GPS Tracking Software?

1 Monitor current fuel amount on Web or APP anytime anywhere

2 Have a monthly or daily fuel consumption report.

3 Have a detailed refuel report about how much fuel is added and where the fuel is added.

4 Have a detailed fuel leak/theft report about how much fuel is stolen or leaked with detailed time and address.

The ultimate goal of fuel monitoring system:

1 Avoid abnormal fuel usage, like fuel theft, fuel leak, fuel misuse and tamper of engine fuel system. A tank of fuel can cost more than hundreds of dollars, any abuse of fuel can lead to great loss to the vehicle owner not to mention a company with dozens or hundreds of trucks.

2 Reduce fuel consumption per 100KM

If a truck current 100KM fuel consumption is 40L, and it runs 500KM a day. We can do all the possible solutions (like avoid fuel theft, reduce abnormal fuel usage) to reduce used fuel by having an aim to make it 39L per 100KM. In a year, say the vehicle runs 300 days, it can save 500*300/100*(40-39)=1500L. Image how much 1500L costs? And if there are 10 or 100 trucks?

Truck fuel monitoring solution is a value added service to the clients. It helps the fleet owners to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency. If you need accurate truck fuel monitoring solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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