Speed Limiting Device

What is a Speed Limiting Device?

A Speed Limiting Device is an electronic device fitted in a vehicle (Buses, Trucks, Vans Tankers etc) with a view of ensuring this vehicle maintains a speed limit according.
Speed Limiting Device operate through electronic sensors and the engine's computer.A series of sensors detect  how fast  the vehicle is  going, then communicates that information to the engine's computer, which manages nearly all the engine's functions. Once the vehicle reach a pre-determined top speed, the computer steps in and restricts the flow of air and fuel to the engine and even the sparks that cause combustion. Either way, the  vehicle will be unable to exceed the top speed as determined by the car's manufacturer.

How does the Speed Limiting Device work in a vehicle?

This device does not allow the driver to accelerate beyond the stipulated speed limit by the law as has been programmed in the vehicle. So, no matter how the driver tends to accelerate, the pre-set speed limit will not be exceeded.

How many types of Speed Limiting Devices are in use?

There are two (2) major types of speed limiting devices: a. Mechanical Speed Limiting Device b. Electrical/Electronic Speed Limiting Device.

Who are the technicians responsible for installation of Speed Limiting Device?

The approved marketers are responsible for the installation of the speed limit device through their agents who are trained and certified for that purpose.

What is the cost of the Device?

The price is determined by market forces

What do I do if I already have a device installed in my car?

Anyone who has a device already installed either the device came installed with the vehicle or the device has been installed prior to the time of enforcement would need to go to an accredited vendor who will in turn assign one of his technician(s) to the vehicle owner in order to assess and recalibrate such device to meet the required standard.

How would the workability and functionality of the Device be checked after installation by the user?

Users are not allowed to tamper with the device but to inform installers of any malfunction when they occur. However, users can verify their device are properly registered by entering their vehicle number plate details on the column provided on the left hand side of this portal.

Who carries out servicing or repairs of the speed limiting device where there is service failure?

The approved marketers through their certified agents carries out periodic servicing/re-calibration of the device.

In the case of emergency, how would the speed be increased beyond the limit in order to avert danger at a certain point?

The device will not allow a driver to go beyond the pre-set speed limit, so the driver is expected to apply defensive driving technique.


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