How to install car speed limit actuator

Accidents caused by vehicle speeding are very distressing, especially school buses, trainers, oil tankers with speed restrictions, muck trucks, mixer trucks, and internal transportation vehicles in factories and mines, all of which require a certain speed limit. Foreign experience tells us , Vehicles, especially large vehicles, are equipped with speed limiters, and the accident rate will drop by 20%. Safety is the most important thing. Limiting speed should also be a powerful move. At present, there is a lack of such products in the market, especially the main engine program to control vehicles. Therefore, many people are trying their best to formulate laws and regulations to prevent speeding, so as to avoid accidents and disasters caused by speeding. In response to this social problem, vehicles are restricted. The speed controller adopts the host computer program to control the vehicle, with intelligent chip control, the speed limit is high, and the performance is stable and reliable. It does not affect the high throttle start and does not affect the power torque. It only limits the maximum speed, limits the speed, reduces the throttle but does not stall, and at the same time Ensure that the accelerator pedal can move freely within the speed limit. Let’s take a look at the installation method.

1 Fixing of the machanical actuator

throttle acuator

Utilize the cable of the servo actuator to reversely lock the throttle cable to form a reaction force. When the vehicle speed is too fast, pull the throttle backward to force the throttle to be reduced to achieve the purpose of compulsory speed limit.

①First, connect the power cord of the host, turn on the power, and pull the actuator to spit out the line. When the line is completely spit out, turn off the power.

②When the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, pass the pull of the actuator cable through the engine accelerator control lever. Cut off the extra part, the fixed head on the cable sleeve can be disassembled again, cut it according to the appropriate length, and tighten the cable. Fix the cable near the control rod. The cable has a fixed end. Fix the fixed end so that the direction of the cable and the throttle cable form a pull-back direction.

③Release the throttle, the engine throttle lever returns to the original position, and the throttle can move freely.

④The servo actuator is fixed as a whole, and there is a mounting bracket on the actuator, which can be fixed and installed in a suitable position with screws.

The servo actuator is used to perform the main control system's control of the cable throttle. When the vehicle speed is within the normal range, the servo mechanism is in standby state and does not interfere with the driver's operation of the accelerator. When the vehicle is driving at an overspeed, the servo mechanism executes the speed limit Command to force the throttle to be reduced, and the driver should not stom on the throttle vigorously. The company will not be responsible for the damage caused to the speed limiter.

The red wire of the servo actuator is connected to the positive power supply, and the black wire is grounded. Connect the green wire to the control wire and just plug it into the socket.

2 Installation of electronic throttle actuator

The white plug has 2 wires, the red wire and the black wire, respectively connected to the actuator end of the main controller.

Find out the 2 signal wires of the electronic accelerator pedal, one is about 0.4V and the other is about 0.7V, cut off, and connect the actuator of the electronic accelerator speed limiter in series. Connect the two signal wires in series respectively in the middle. The sequence is as follows:

GPS speed limiter electronic throttle


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