GPS Tracker and Speed Limiter in Zimbabwe

Per recent update from Zimbabwe GPS Tracker clients, the Zimbabwe government is going to apply vehicle speed limit devices to ensure safe driving. Uniguard has been in Kenya and Ethiopia national wide GPS speed limiter application, as well we have sent devices to New Zealand, Ghana, Uganda, Namibia, Mexico, and Tanzania to test our vehicle speed limiter with following good performance and updates.

GPS Tracker and Speed Limiter solution providers in Zimbabwe are as below


Vital Drive is a leading provider of advanced vehicle tracking solutions. Our services leverage state-of-the-art GPS technology integrated with professional fleet management software, offering real-time monitoring, precise control, and comprehensive security features. With a user-friendly interface accessible across multiple devices, Vital Drive ensures seamless management of diverse vehicle types, delivering unmatched reliability and ease of use.


PowerTel Communications (Pvt) Ltd, a ZESA subsidiary, is a licensed Class ‘A’ Internet Access Provider by POTRAZ. Specializing in comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions, our services include Real-time Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behavior Monitoring, Fuel Management, Geo-fencing, Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance, and more. We offer a suite of advanced features designed to ensure efficient and secure management of your vehicles while providing invaluable insights for optimized operations.


Dandemutande, a premier and rapidly expanding Zimbabwean company, offers a diverse array of services including real-time tracking, route optimization, logistics and delivery management, maintenance and licensing tracking, driver behavior assessment, and agriculture utility vehicle GPS tracking. Our comprehensive suite of solutions aims to elevate operational efficiency across industries, providing businesses with invaluable tools for enhanced oversight and streamlined processes.


eTrack stands as an award-winning GPS tracking company, renowned for its innovative and cost-effective solutions catering to both companies and individuals. Our commitment lies in being the premier GPS solutions provider of choice, and as such, eTrack has solidified its footprint across Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. Offering a comprehensive range of services including Vehicle Tracking, Livestock Tracking, Asset Tracking, and GPS Speed Limiter, our aim is to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet diverse needs while ensuring reliability and efficiency at every step.


Ignition introduces the market’s most innovative and cost-effective vehicle tracking system, ensuring accessibility for both individuals and businesses. Committed to affordability without compromising quality, our offerings include Real-Time Monitoring, Remote Engine Shutdown, Geo-fencing, Live Fuel Monitoring, and Live Speed Reporting. We aim to empower users with cutting-edge technology that enhances security, efficiency, and control over their vehicles, catering to diverse needs while maintaining an accessible price point for all.


Trackforce stands as an innovative GPS tracker provider in Zimbabwe, offering an array of services including vehicle tracking, fleet management, and asset tracking. Our systems are meticulously crafted to optimize efficiency while ensuring cost-effectiveness. With features such as Accurate GPS Location, Remote Engine Shutdown, Geo-fences, Tracking History, Engine Hours Used, Mileage History, Stop/Park Time History, and the ability to track from anywhere globally, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions. Additionally, our services include Live Speed Monitoring, Over-speed Alerts, Movement Alerts, Stop Alerts, Ignition ON and OFF Alerts, Service Intervals Reminder, and the flexibility of an Unlimited Number Of Connections, ensuring robust functionality and heightened control over your assets.


Monitrack Technology (Pvt) Ltd specializes in innovative solutions designed to proactively mitigate risk through Real-Time GPS monitoring. Tailored for fleet, heavy equipment, or asset monitoring, our systems prioritize security enhancement by providing real-time visibility and robust tools essential for effective fleet operations management. Our focus lies in advanced vehicle telematics solutions, offering client-centric products and services encompassing Real-Time GPS Tracking, vehicle tracking, equipment management, driver behavior reports, remote monitoring, vehicle theft recovery, and full-access control, ensuring comprehensive fleet management. With a core aim to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, lower fuel consumption, and improve dispatch efficiency, routing optimization, and overall operational visibility, our solutions are designed to elevate your operations.


At Panmat Tracking, we specialize in offering a diverse range of in-car entertainment accessories and various vehicle security gadgets, including standard alarm systems, cellphone-based, and web-based tracking systems. Our Panmat alarm systems are crafted to safeguard your vehicle against theft and hijacking while providing convenient access through cutting-edge gadgets. Moreover, our tracking software is designed to enhance vehicle protection, fleet monitoring, optimize fleet efficiency, minimize vehicle operating expenses, elevate customer service standards, lower insurance premiums, and prevent unauthorized mileage and trips. Leveraging combined GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, we ensure precise vehicle/fleet location and real-time communication to better serve and safeguard your assets.


Pinpoint Tracking, our satellite vehicle tracking and fleet management division, is your all-inclusive solution for fleet management and vehicle tracking needs. We offer real-time tracking and historical playback for constant vehicle location access, detailed report generation for distance covered and trip history, fuel usage monitoring, service reminders, and emergency response features like immobilizers or panic buttons linked to our 24-hour control room.

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