GPS car speed limiter

With the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive market and the continuous upgrading and application of technology, the concept of safety has gradually become popular. Foreign experience tells us that if vehicles, especially large vehicles, are equipped with speed limiters, the accident rate will drop by 20%. Safety is the most important thing. Limiting speed should also be a powerful move. At present, there is a lack of such products in the market, especially the host computer program to control the vehicle, so many people are trying their best to formulate laws and regulations to prevent the phenomenon of excessive speed, so as to avoid accidents and disasters caused by excessive speed. As the safety equipment of the automobile industry, the automobile speed limiter is a necessary factor for the sustainable and healthy development of the automobile industry. In particular, the independent development and innovation that the current vehicle accident industry is developing vigorously and in full swing requires a strong and safer parts system to support it. Vehicle independent brands and technological innovation require parts and components as the foundation. The independent innovation of the speed limiter has a strong driving force for the development of the vehicle industry. They influence and interact with each other. Automobile speed limiter is a kind of security prevention system, which has high sensitivity, strong speed limit ability, high temperature resistance, small size, long life, anti-vibration and so on.

UniGuard speed limiter adopts microcomputer program control to realize the effective control of driving speed, so as to completely avoid the potential safety hazards caused by excessively fast driving, and at the same time ensure the free movement of the accelerator pedal within the speed limit range. This product is suitable for all lever accelerators , Electronic throttle. 2. Main function: The main function of this speed limiter is to restrict the vehicle from driving too fast. Drive within a safe speed range. The speed limit threshold of the speed limiter can be adjusted by the management personnel, and it can be adjusted from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Product features

1. Adopt wide voltage power supply design, DC12V~24
2. The host has an anti-short circuit and over-current protection circuit, which is stable and reliable;
3. Support both electronic and mechanical speed limit modes;
4. High speed limit accuracy, intelligent learning speedometer function, can be directly connected to various vehicle speedometers, easy to install;
5. Three-level alarm setting, with different voice prompts when the speed exceeds different levels;
6. Remote control setting function, speed limit related parameters can be set within 1 meter;
7. It has two warning functions of voice and light, 4 levels of volume can be adjusted, and the sound can reach 120dB;


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