Business Gains of GPS Fleet Tracking System

It's a new year, and that means a fresh opportunity to achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself and your business. Some common resolutions many business owners make are to cut costs, pay closer attention to business expenses, and/or increase profits. One way to do these things is by GPS fleet tracking system to your vehicle.


Sales of GPS fleet tracking systems have grown by more than 300% in each of the last two years. The reason is simple: it saves money and increases productivity. If you have a fleet of five or more company vehicles and you have not investigated the savings you can achieve, now is the time to take action. Don't lose thousands - even tens of thousands - of dollars this year because you failed to take action.

For as little as $300 per vehicle and a small monthly maintenance fee, you can take full advantage of this constantly evolving technology to reduce your company's operating costs

The GPS tracking system is used with software that a dispatcher accesses from the computer. This will allow better dispatch for service technicians or delivery drivers. There are usually delays when dispatching is done using a map and judgment of the dispatcher. With the aid of the GPS fleet tracking system, dispatches are made on a timely basis thus improving quality of service.

Another great benefit of using the GPS fleet tracking system is to help drivers in navigation. Without GPS tracking, drivers can waste a lot of time driving in the wrong direction, looking for streets, asking for directions or stopping to check the map. A GPS fleet tracking system provides real time navigation for the driver, thus saving time and fuel expenses.

Monitor and improve driving habits. Because your GPS car tracker system compiles data on driver behavior, you can identify drivers who are habitual speeders or who consistently brake hard or who accelerate too fast from a stop. You will have regular reports of every trip taken by every vehicle. You can program the system to alert the driver when the speed limit is exceeded by more than 5 mph and to alert the fleet manager when the speed limit is exceeded by more than 10 mph. You can track exact routes and know which drivers are taking detours or are sitting somewhere with the engine idling for extended periods of time. By monitoring and reviewing this data with your drivers you can improve driving habits and safety.

Nonetheless GPS fleet tracking systems are turning out to be an essential tool of effective and efficient fleet managers throughout the world in all industries, services and businesses. There is absolutely no doubt about it.



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