Automobile Speed Limiter

The speed limiter of the automobile is controlled by a microcomputer program, which realizes the effective control of the maximum speed of the vehicle without affecting the power of the original vehicle. The main categories of automobile speed limiters on the market are: mechanical throttle (pull-wire throttle) speed limiter, electronic throttle speed limiter. Focusing on the two major themes of logistics and transportation and automobile safety, the automobile speed limiter not only controls the safety risks caused by automobile speeding violations, but also complies with the relevant standards for automobile registration and automobile annual inspection.

Speed Limiter Introduction:

A car speed limiter is a device used by a car to limit the speed. It is divided into electronic gear speed limiter and cable gear speed limiter. Accidents caused by vehicle speeding are very thought-provoking, especially school buses, trainers, oil tankers with speed limits, mixer trucks, and internal transportation vehicles in factories and mines, all of which require a certain speed limit. Safety is the most important thing. Limiting speed should also be a powerful move. There is a lack of such products in the market, especially cables with throttles, so many people are trying their best to formulate laws and regulations to prevent speeding in order to avoid accidents and disasters caused by speeding.
In response to this social problem, the host computer program controls the speed limiter of the vehicle to the market. To solve the problem that has plagued people for a long time, this product launched on the market uses a host computer program to control the vehicle with an intelligent chip control, which has high accuracy in limiting the speed, stable and reliable performance, and does not affect the start of the high accelerator. The power torque only limits the maximum vehicle speed, limits the speed, lowers the accelerator but does not stall, and at the same time ensures the free movement of the accelerator pedal within the speed limit. The critical point of the speed limit value has a voice alarm in advance, which can inform the driver that the speed limit is about to be reached in advance. If the vehicle is set to drive at a speed of 80 km/h or more than 80 km/h, the vehicle will automatically alarm, accelerate again, and force a smart decrease The speed of the vehicle.

Speed Limiter Features:

When the vehicle speed that needs to be set is reached, the maximum speed is set, and you can drive normally within this speed. When the vehicle speed reaches the set speed value, if the vehicle is set to 80 km/h after driving at a speed exceeding 80 km/h , The vehicle will automatically alarm, and a Chinese female voice will prompt: "You are speeding! The system will automatically adjust the throttle to reduce the speed, but it will not stall. Practice has proved that the vehicle will not exceed the limit per hour regardless of the up and down slopes. , This is the best effect in China's speed limiter products. When the vehicle speed reaches or exceeds the speed value preset by the car speed limiter, the accelerator will not exceed the set speed. For example, the car speed limiter Set 120Km/h, if it exceeds 120Km/h, the speed will be limited. If it exceeds 115km\h, it will send an automatic alarm.
1. Remote control setting function, management personnel authority change. The effective speed limit can be adjusted from 0 to 99 kilometers;
2. It has a wide range of applications, and it can be used in 12V~24V pull-wire mechanical pedal cars.
3. Lightweight, easy to install, full-floating anti-vibration design, good anti-seismic performance;
4. The power cord has an anti-short circuit design, built-in over-current protection circuit, and good stability;
5. The structure of the engine is not changed, and the safety speed limit mechanism is adopted, which is safe and reliable;
6. Maintenance-free, mechanical-free, electronic and mechanized design features, one-time installation, worry-free for life;
7. It can be equipped with an early warning voice prompt function to encourage drivers to develop good driving habits.
8. Two-level speed setting, early warning speed can be selected to alarm, speed limit servo mechanism action speed limit;
9. The waterproof grade is 8, which can be immersed in water for work;
10. The working voltage range is DC12V~24V;
11. Low working power consumption, only 5W, suitable for all kinds of cable throttle models.

Speed Limiter Functions:

1. Remote management: With remote management function, customers only need to log in to the platform to check the health of the vehicle.
2. Data record analysis: powerful data analysis and software platform query record function, the platform intelligently recognizes the speeding situation of the vehicle.
3. Automatic alarm: 02B will automatically send text messages to the platform when the vehicle is over-speeding, power-off, or vehicle vibration exceeds the limit.
5. Positioning and speed measurement: Positioning and tracking and speed monitoring of vehicles.
6. Reminder function: speeding reminder (pre-speeding limit reminder can be set); vehicle maintenance reminder.
7. Mandatory speed limit: control the maximum speed of the vehicle. (Does not affect the power of the original vehicle)
8. Regional speed limit: different regions can achieve different speed limits.
9. Track playback: You can view the historical track of the vehicle on the platform.
10. Optional function: seat belt detection function.

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