livestock gps tracker
livestock gps tracker
livestock gps tracker
livestock gps tracker
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Solar Powered Livestock GPS Tracker For Cattle and Cow Animal Tracking

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Livestock GPS tracker is built to manage cow and cattle or wild animals smartly and easily. There is always danger that a cattle or cow may go lost or get stolen without notice. With GPS Tracker, we can have a live location of where they are, and where are they heading to.

To have a good livestock GPS tracker, the most important thing is the tracking device battery life. The livestock are always at open place or far from the electricity place. It will be troublesome to get them charged. The larger the battery of the tracking collar, the less frequency it needs to be charged.

1 Battery size. It is always best to choose the larger battery. In market, GPS tracker batteries for livestock include: 4000mAh, 6000mA, 9000mAh, 12000mAh, and 18000mAh. The larger the battery, the heavier the device, but the longer it can last.

2 Power consumption. Control or reduce power consumption or low power consumption device shall effectively extend the battery life of GPS tracking collar. Normally, livestock GPS tracker comes with live tracking mode, long interval tracking mode, smart tracking mode and sleep mode. Choose a suitable working mode for your tracking equipment.

4 Solar charge. Since the big animals are mostly wandering at open places. When there is sunlight, with solar charging panel, the GPS collar can get charged. Though the charging efficiency shall be low, it still can reduce the times of USB charge. It is best to choose a solar GPS tracker with bigger panel. The larger the solar panel, the higher solar charging power.

Big Animals do not like hot sunshine as well, so we cannot expect then to be under harsh sunshine at long time to get the GPS collar charged. In this case , a GPS tracker with Bigger battery and Bigger solar panel is needed.

Livestock GPS Tracker B38A comes with a 12,0000mah battery and 125*78 mm solar panel, which is much larger than 65*55 mm of V24 and 97*69 mm of V44.

What’s more B38A comes with aluminum alloy casing, it is more robust compared to other ABS GPS collar.

Solar Charging

Integrated with a 125*78 mm big solar panel for charging as long as there is sunlight. Effectivily reduce USB cable charge times.

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking of the device locations on the Web and APP. The minimum tracking interval is 15 secs. Always track on time.

Waterproof IP67

The device is built to work in harsh environments and still give a great performance. No need to worry sun or rain, it shall give you peace of mind.

Smart Working Mode

The GPS Tracker has several working mode to save power. It supports live tracking mode, fixed interval tracking mode and smart tracking mode.

Features of Solar Charging GPS Tracker

  1. Live Tracking. Track the animals anytime anywhere as long as there is GSM coverage.
  2. Free Tracking. The APP and Web are both free to use. No extra costs.
  3. IP68 waterproof. The solar gps tracker is completely waterproof to work under rain or swimming.
  4. Aluminum casing. The solar charge gps tracker comes with aluminum casing, it is robust and can endure any harsh working environment
  5. 12000mAh battery. It is rechargeable high quality Li-ion battery. With one charge, at standby mode, it can last 180 days.
  6. Advanced tracking APP. User can login the tracking APP and manage their animals, to see battery status, to setup geo-fence alert, etc.
  7. Multi-language APP. APP has all 108 different languages. Easy to use.
  8. Reinforced collar and anti-tamper design. The collar comes with locks to be easily worn and hard to be removed.
  9. 4G LTE bands. The 4G bands support working at Europe, Asia and Africa.
  10. 125*78 mm solar panel. The largest solar panel in market of GPS tracking collar for big animals.

Livestock GPS Tracker Specifications

Model Solar GPS Tracker B38A
Dimensions 125*78*32mm
Cellular Bands LTE FDD B1/B3/B5/B8
Positioning accuracy <5 meters
Weight 540g
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Voltage 3.5-4.2V DC
Built-in battery 12000mAh
Working Current 5V / 2A
Waterproof IP68
Tracking APP Free to use POSTRAK
Tracking Map Google Map
LED light 2 for signal and power
Charging Solar charge and Magnetic charge cable
Collar Robust with pin lock
Weight 540g with collar
Positioning WIFI+GPS+LBS

What is the Tracking APP?

Tracking APP name is GPSPOS at Google Play and AppStore. GPSPOS is free to download.

Are there any monthly subscription charge to track?

Tracking APP and Software are both free to use. Each newly added device have life time license.

Is tracking collar included?

YES. A robust tracking collar is included. There are also 2 thin wires to fix tracking collar to the horn of animals, so as to keep the solar panel side face sky.

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