j16 gps tracker
j16 gps tracker
j16 gps tracker
j16 gps tracker
j16 gps tracker
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J16 GPS Tracker

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J16 GPS Tracker is a popular and ANATEL approved live tracking device with engine kill function. Its GSM module is SIM7670SA module which supports bands of all countries and work in all countries, especially for USA, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Argentina, etc.

ANATEL certification is a must to sell and distribute the J16 GPS tracker in Brazil. It is small in size and comes with built in antenna. By connecting with relay, it can remotely cut off vehicle engine. As well, it has a built-in 150mAh backup battery. In case of tamper or disconnection with main power, there is alert at APP or preset phone number.

J16 GPS tracker has 2 versions because of the quantity of wires

4 wire: It is a basic GPS tracker with engine immobilize by connecting with a 12V or 24V relay.

8 wire: Beside engine kill function, SOS button for emergency alert and Microphone for remote voice monitoring are included.

J16 gps tracker
j16 gps tracker
  1. 4G LTE FDD +2G Quad bands GPS tracker
  2. Industry standard GPS module. Faster networking speed, more stable GPS signal
  3. Small size. It is easy to be installed hidden.
  4. Real time tracking
  5. Remote vehicle engine cut off with connection of 12V or 24V relay
  6. Vibration alarm. Built in shock sensor to detect abnormal vibration.
  7. Geo-Fence alarm. Setup Go and No-go areas at web tracking software or APP to restrict vehicle movement.
  8. Power tamper alarm. 150mAh built-in backup battery. It sends alarm to web tracking software and APP if the installation is tampered.
  9. ACC ON/OFF alarm. Setting up alarm when vehicle engine switched ON and OFF.
  10. Movement alarm. Setting up a circle to restrict vehicle movement. There is alert when vehicle moves out of this circle area.
  11. Low battery alarm. When device backup battery power is low, device shall send alarm.
  12. Web tracking platform & APP, support branding and customization.
  13. Email alert. When any alarm is triggered, the vehicle owner can receive email alerts without login APP or tracking software.
  14. Vehicle maintenance report. Check vehicle maintenance by mileage or insurance days on web tracking software, send a remind email to vehicle owner online
  15. SOS alarm. By connecting with SOS button to send emergency alert when SOS button is pressed.
  16. Voice monitoring. By connecting with microphone to monitor voice around the device.

J16 GPS Tracker Specification:

item value
Type 4G
Placement Windshield
Positioning Mode GPS, LBS, AGPS, Real-Time Positioning
Track View PC, IOS APP, Android APP,SMS
Battery Life(Hour) <12H
Warranty 1 year
Model Number J16
Network 4G
4G LTE Bands B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66
2G GPRS bands GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Phase error RMSPE<5, PPE<20
Frequency L1,1575.42Mhz C/A code
Positioning accuracy <10 meters
TTFF(Open Sky) Avg.hot start<2s,Avg.cold start <38s
Working current 50mA
Quiescent current 3mA
Working temperature -20℃~+70℃
Data storage quantity 500
Net Weight 49g
Gross Weight 150g
Size 80*35*17 mm
Battery 150mAh
Packing Size 13*9*6 cm
Color Black


J16 SIMCOM7670SA GPS Tracker Relay connection

J16 relay connection

J16 Simcom A7670SA LTE 4G GPS Tracker SMS commands list

J16 can be controlled and programmed with below SMS commands so as to realize the desired features, including over speed alarm, power tamper alarm, acc on/off alarm, shock alarm, battery low alarm, etc.

J16 GPS Tracker User Manual

J16 GPS tracker uses GT06 protocol, it works at any platform, including GPSPOS, GPSWOX, GURTAM, PROTRACK, Redgps, etc.

J16 4G GPS Tracker User Manual V1.1

J16 LTE GPS Tracker Anti-Jammer

Jammer devices are electronic gadgets designed to disrupt or block wireless communication signals. They work by emitting radio frequency interference, which interferes with the normal functioning of various wireless technologies such as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), LTE (Long-Term Evolution), and GPS (Global Positioning System). They are used by thieves or hijackers to steal or rob vehicles.

However, with J16 Anti-jammer function, if any jammer signal is detected, the device can control relay to cut off engine, so as to avoid vehicle theft. 

J16 Bluetooth GPS Tracker with Bluetooth Relay

In the current GPS tracker markets, a wired relay are used to cut off engine in case of emergency or vehicle theft. However, it is easy to be removed since GPS tracker installation places are easy to be found by following wires, so are the wired relays. To enhance vehicle security and anti-theft function, we developed the bluetooth J16 GPS tracker and bluetooth Relay. The bluetooth relay can be installed hiddenly to avoid fast ad easy dismantle. A GPS tracker can max connect with 3 bluetooth relays. If GPS tracker is removed and put out of range of the bluetooth relay connection, the bluetooth relay shall automatically cut off engine in 10 minutes.