gps speed limiter
gps speed limiter
gps speed limiter
gps speed limiter
gps speed limiter
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UniGuard GPS Speed Limiter UT04S For Uganda

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Uganda GPS Speed limiter features:

1 Speed Limiter

Enforce to limit the speed of your vehicle if preset maximum speed 

2 Tamper proof

Maximum speed is 40km/h if maximum speed is tampered or sensor is cut.

3 Download data

Data can be stored for 72 hours at interval of 5 seconds.

Data can be retrieved by connecting device to computer via USB data port 

4 Wireless Printer

Violations can be printed out for the last one-hour driving. Portable printer prevents drivers from printing

Speed violations can be printed

5 Violations alarm

All violations will be transmitted to platform.

6 Over speed alarm

When vehicle reaches 95% of preset speed limit, built-in buzzer shall make sound alarm to warn driver.

7 Fuel monitoring (optional)

Monitor vehicle fuel consumption. Need connect with fuel sensor that gives out analog voltage.

Real time fleet tracking Working power: 2W 

GPS speed limiter specs:


UT04S GPS Speed Limiter




110*75*30 mm

Working voltage

DC 9V-36V

Backup battery

800mAh 3.7V

Battery working time


Working current


Standby current


Charging current

Max < 500mA

Input Fuse


Working power


Working Temp.


GSM Frequency

850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

Max RF output


Dynamic input range

-15 ~ -102dBm

GPS chipset

Ublox 7

GPS frequency

L1, 1575.42 MHz

GPS accuracy

5 meters at 2D RMS





1 A/D Port for fuel monitoring

1 Interface for data config by PC

1 USB port for USB disk data download

2 Port for speed limit

1 Input for speed signal

1 Input for Bluetooth Printing control

Built in Flash

Store data of last 72hrs, above 5000 points

Built in Buzzer

Sound alarm when speed reaches 95% of set value


External power cut, Lower battery, Over speed, Geo-fence

Tracking method

Real time on Web Software and Phone APP

Account level

Unlimited sub account management


Trip report, Speed report, Geo-fence report, Parking report, Driving Report, Alarm report, Mileage report, Engine Idle report


GPS speed limiter connection:

 gps speed limiter

ACC: (Orange) connected to vehicle ACC wire to detect engine ON/OFF

PULSE: (Purple) connected to vehicle speed signal wire to detect speed

GND / DC+: (Red and Black) connected to battery positive and ground.

GND / SOS: connected together with SOS button to control wireless printing. (With wireless Bluetooth printer turned on, press SOS button for 3 seconds, device shall beep, in 15 seconds device shall print last 1 hr data including over speed data. Long beep once all data is printed.)

NC / NO: (Green / Yellow) cut off fuel pump power wire, connect NO Yellow wire to the cut point, working as a power supply to fuel pump. (Relay and buzzer are built-in, when speed reaches 95% preset value, beep; 100% speed reached, built-in relay is activated with continuous beep.

Fuel (Grey) connect with fuel sensor signal wire to monitor fuel consumption (Optional)

 SIM slot: insert SIM card

Micro USB: connect device to PC for config

USB disk: insert USB disk for data download (beep sound after inserting, long beep once all data is downloaded.)

SW: built-in backup battery switch. (Default OFF)

RESET: one click to restart device

 LED: Blue for GPS (ON if signal okay), Green for GSM (slow flash if signal okay)