What vehicles need to install car speed limiter?

When it comes to car speed limiters and car speed limit devices, many people are curious about which cars do they need? Why install car speed limiter, car speed limiter, how to choose car speed limiter, and which speed limiter is suitable for which car?

1 Trucks,  tank trucks...

On high speeds, many drivers will subconsciously move away when they see some cars. Why? It is estimated that many drivers have silently said in their hearts that the risk factor is high. Many large trucks and trucks have serious traffic hazards. All kinds of car accidents are caused by overloading and overspeeding of large vehicles, and the consequences are very serious.

2 Agricultural vehicles

They have brought convenience to agricultural production. However, due to the inadequate safety protection of agricultural vehicles, the driver's safety awareness is relatively indifferent. As a result, various accidents often occur when agricultural vehicles are driven on the road, which brings hidden dangers to traffic safety. In the recent period, there have been two car accidents in Muping District, causing casualties and economic losses. The two tragedies were caused by agricultural vehicles.

3 School bus

From 2011 to 2014, school buses and operating buses across the country caused 6,649 traffic accidents and 2891 deaths due to speeding violations. Among them, a major road traffic accident with more than 10 deaths was caused by school buses and operating buses speeding accounted for 53%. In response to such tragic traffic accidents, the relevant departments have further improved the legal regulations governing serious traffic violations in accordance with the law. School buses and buses will be convicted of excessive speeding.

What are the classifications of car speed limiters?

1 Ordinary car speed limiter/car speed limiter.It has two modes of electronic speed limit and mechanical speed limit. It has high speed limit accuracy, stable and reliable performance, and has sound and light alarm function. The host and all accessories adopt a unique waterproof, anti-seismic and anti-interference design , Suitable for use in harsh environments, widely used: oil tankers, buses, school buses, buses, dump trucks, internal transportation vehicles in factories and mines, mixers, trucks, forklifts, trucks and other special vehicles or mechanical engineering vehicles, transportation car.

2 Ordinary car speed limiter: 1. Support electronic and mechanical speed limit modes; 2. High speed limit accuracy, with intelligent learning speedometer function, can be directly connected to various vehicle speedometers, easy to install; 3. Second level Over-speed setting, speeds exceeding different levels, there are different voice prompts; 4. Remote control setting function, speed limit related parameters can be set within 1 meter; 5. With voice warning function, 8-level volume adjustment, the sound can reach 120dB 6. Built-in 8Ω 1W, 8Ω 10W speakers can be connected; 7. Alarm lock time is adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds, the car speed continues to exceed the preset speed, and the speed limit state will be automatically locked after the set lock time;

gps speed limiter

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