Temperature tracker, temperature monitoring system, real-time monitoring of cold chain temperature

What is a temperature tracker

The temperature tracker is a temperature data logger also known as a temperature monitor. It can detect and collect temperature data, and then send the information to the mobile APP through the software server. Then we can clearly see the temperature data on the mobile phone. Usually it is a wireless temperature tracking device with a built-in battery. By installing a temperature tracker, we can achieve the goal of remote temperature monitoring and save a lot of energy.

Why do I need a temperature tracker?

This is a very good question. Temperature trackers are widely used in real life, such as cold chain, food safety, supply chain transportation and medical transportation. The temperature tracker can help us quickly and easily grasp the temperature data. Give an example of the application of a temperature tracker/monitor in food safety. We all know the importance of fresh food during transportation. Because the food in these transportations has high temperature requirements. They need a suitable temperature environment. If the temperature is too high or too low, the food will deteriorate.

Our usual practice is to put ice cubes in the transport truck to achieve the effect of preservation and storage. However, as a decision maker, there are many food transport trucks that can not be inspected personally. At this time, the temperature detector can play its role. Help us understand the temperature in real time. Therefore, a temperature tracker/monitor is a good solution. It can not only save more costs for your company, but also improve management efficiency, and timely discover beneficial measures to prevent food damage during transportation. But we want to better track the temperature, only a temperature tracker is not enough, we need a complete temperature monitoring system.

What is a temperature monitoring system?

The temperature monitoring system is a complete temperature data logger, cache, and display solution. It consists of a temperature tracking device, a temperature monitoring application and a temperature data server. Through the temperature monitoring system, we can clearly see the temperature data in the temperature monitor. The temperature data will be displayed in the form of a curve.

Application of temperature tracker

1. Food and medicine maintenance
2. Cold chain transportation temperature tracking
3. Logistics and transportation temperature management
4. Supply chain transportation temperature management
5. Temperature IOT
6. Temperature monitoring of museums and art galleries
7. Warehouse monitoring
8. Temperature monitoring of freezer and wine cellar
Temperature tracker/tracker is an ideal solution for temperature monitoring of cold chain transportation

Once the temperature tracker is installed for your cold chain transport truck, you can achieve the goal of effective real-time temperature monitoring.

Generally speaking, the temperature tracker/tracker has a built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor that can collect temperature information. Then the information cached by the temperature tracker is sent to the software APP or server. Finally, we can view temperature data and temperature changes in real time through mobile phones and computers. The temperature tracker can also be equipped with an alarm function. When the temperature in the cold chain car exceeds the safe temperature we set, we can receive a reminder on our mobile phone so that we can take timely measures.

In the current market, installing a vehicle temperature tracker is currently the most cost-effective cold chain temperature monitoring solution. Because this solution has more advantages, such as low cost, high efficiency, and simpler operation.

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