How many temperature sensors is need for a Refrigerated truck?

The temperature monitoring solution for refrigerated trucks is composed of GPS tracker with temperature sensor, and web tracking software.

GPS tracker with temperature sensor

Only one GPS temperature monitoring device needs to be installed, and the number of temperature probes of the GPS temperature tracking device is determined according to the size of the compartment. For example, only two carriages need to be installed for 3 meters, 2-4 for cars over 3 meters, and 4-6 for 4.2 meters.

Extended information
GPS temperature tracker is one of the temperature measuring instruments - thermometers.
GPS temperature monitoring needs to have the following basic functions:
Measurement: Built-in temperature sensor or connectable external temperature sensor to measure temperature;
Record storage: automatically record and store the measured temperature value;
Data transfer: transfer or download the saved measurement data to the computer in some way (such as RS232, RS485, USB interface, etc.);
Programming: such as setting sampling rate, data transmission method and interval, selecting temperature sensor type, alarm setting, etc.;
Analysis: Perform the necessary analysis on the temperature data through the built-in software.

Temperature monitoring Report online

f GPS tracker with temperature sensor

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