Reduce your Stress level by availing GPS Tracking Device

We live in a world which is fast paced and technology driven. Experts have also claimed that all the technology have made live much easy and stress less. The GPS tracking device is one among those technologies which will help you to stay freely, without any stress. If you install a hidden GPS tracker to your car, you will quickly locate it even if it is stolen. The device is small in size and will also fit in your glove compartment, or even under your dash or underneath your car if you get the one, which has got waterproof covering. With the help of a computer or your smartphone and your membership account, you will be able to fetch a long detailing of exactly where your car has been, how fast was the car going, and also what stopped it along the way. And with all this information the police will be able to retrieve the car and arrest the thieves.

Why use a 3G GPS tracker for your Business?

Besides the use of locating the GPS tracker are also used to manage the fleet and some other similar purpose, that should be done fast and efficient. The Good thing for the business is that the 3G GPS tracker is available. The reason for not using the 4G GPS tracker is that you won’t need a 4G connectivity when the phone does not support it or even when you are in the area with no 4G network coverage. You will need the extreme fast connection even if you are in the music and video streaming. For hidden GPS tracker 3G connectivity is more than enough.

Comparison between 2G and 3G GPS tracker

If you are still using a 2G connectivity instead of 3G then you must be out of date. As because it is highly recommended to get your device upgraded to 3G. For the smooth working operation of the hidden GPS tracker, you should start using the 3G one.  2G connectivity can provide up with fifty thousand bits per second of data transmission while the 3G network gives the speed of over four million bits per second. For your fleet business, you just cannot afford to lose millions of data per second. Speed is very much essential when it’s come to tracking.

The hidden GPS tracker is supposed to send an alert that instant. But if you are using a slow connection like the 2G, which will take a time to transfer the data then the GPS feature will become useless.

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