Magnetic GPS Tracker

UniGuard hidden vehicle magnetic GPS tracker with no monthly fee is perfect for vehicle theft control. It always give you a peace of mind to know that you can always get your vehicle back in case of stolen.

How does magnetic GPS trackers work?

Magnetic GPS trackers is a device that can be attached to your vehicle or other assets using a magnet. It can track the location and movement of the objects in real time (need set device at real time tracking mode), without being easily noticed. Magnetic GPS trackers are convenient and versatile to install with their strong magnetic design. They also have a large internal battery that can last for a long time. Magnetic GPS trackers can help you monitor your vehicle or asset anytime and anywhere.

Magnetic GPS Trackers are devices that use magnets to attach to your vehicle or other assets, such as ship cargo, truck, trailer. They can track the location and movement of the objects in real time, without being easily detected.

Magnetic GPS Trackers are convenient and versatile to install with their strong magnetic design. They also have a large internal battery. Depending on GPRS working interval, the battery can last for a long time. Magnetic GPS Tracker can help you monitor your vehicle or asset anytime and anywhere. Typically, Magnetic GPS trackers have a high-capacity battery that can support long standby features. UniGuard’s magnetic vehicle tracking device is one of the most competitive GPS tracking devices in the market.

GPS Tracker with magnet is waterproof. It has a version of 3-year battery life. The battery can last 3 years because the magnet tracking device works only once a day. You can check the details of our 3-year long standby magnetic GPS Tracker. The reason why we strongly suggest magnetic vehicle trackers is because magnetic asset trackers are installed or placed in a discreet place and their battery can last long. Never need to worry that the battery will drain out or that we need to charge the battery frequently. With UniGuard’s Magnetic GPS trackers, you can lively track all fleets in one single page. Keep an eye on them and never need to worry the vehicle might be stolen. Even if the vehicles are stolen, the magnetic tracking devices shall help you recover them. They are perfect for fleet tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.

Is there monthly fee for magnetic tracking device?

There is no charge on platform for 3 year battery life magnetic GPS tracker.

Can your vehicle magnetic tracking device work on third-part platform?

YES. Our magnetic tracker has 2 protocols. Both of which are supported by other platforms. As well, we can share the protocol for your integration.

How to put a magnetic GPS tracker? So you do not loose it.

1 The magnetic tracking device does not need power supply, so you can hide anywhere inside the vehicle without metal covering it up.

2 It comes with strong magnet. You can put it under the vehicle with flat and smooth iron surface.

What service does UniGuard offer?

1 You can order directly from us to sell locally. We shall provide best support, high quality device, and one-stop service to you. Also, we offer OME and ODM service and customization.

Attentions about usage of 3 year battery life GPS tracker:

1 The built-in battery is dry battery so charge is forbidden.

2 The battery can last years only when the tracking interval is 24hrs. Shorten the tracking interval shall shorten the battery life time.

3 The long life GPS tracker can also be programmed to report every 2 days or 3 days or 7 days.

3 The magnetic GPS tracker also supports real time location tracking. It is used when vehicle is stolen. Activate real time tracing to help track the vehicle location. Meanwhile call police to report the event.

4 The GPS device also works in house where there is no GPS. Device will use WIFI or LBS signal to get tracking locations.

GPS Tracker Features:

1 Best hidden GPS tracker for car

2 GPS/LBS/WIFI position system. When GPS is weak, device uses LBS or WIFI signal to locate.

3 Built-in strong GPS and GSM antenna. Fast signal search.

4 Built-in light sensor. If device is moved without authorization, there is alarm at tracking platform. Device wakes up at once to offer real time tracking.

5 4 pieces of strong bar magnets, making device easy to install with iron. As well the magnet can be changed to magic tape if needed.

6 Built-in 4200mAh Japan imported high quality battery.

7 The battery is deposable. When the battery is used out, user can choose to replace battery or replace tracking device.

8 Small magnetic GPS car tracker. Easy to hide.

9 Multiple reporting mode to server.

10 High accuracy. By GPS signal, the accuracy is 5 to 10 meters. By wifi signal, the accuracy is 10 to 20 meters. By LBS signal, the accuracy is 10 to 1000 meters.

Hidden car GPS Tracker installation

1 Place under the car. Make sure the chosen place is smooth and flat with a size to take the device magnet completely. Otherwise, the magnet strength will be weekend and device may get loose during drive.

2 Place inside the vehicle. The device can be put into any plastic or rubber place or slot. Hide it there. Then let it keep your vehicle safe.

3 No metal. Make sure that the device installation place is not completely sealed with metal. Metal shall shield GPS signal, making device impossible to get located by GPS. It is best to let the hidden car GPS tracker antenna side face sky.

Magnetic GPS car tracker Installation method

The magnetic tracking device is IP64 waterproof. Drop water is okay. If it is installed under the chassis. The device will be exposed to long time water surrounding environment. As time goes by, water shall get into the device. To avoid device getting damaged by water, you can use a plastic or rubber bag to seal the device from water. Once device is completely water proof, free to attach it to the bottom of vehicle and drive freely. Make sure the magnet is firmly attached to the installation spot. Try to move the device after installation, feel the force of the magnet to decide if it is firmly installed.

GPS for car tracking hidden system function

1 Location tracking. Magnetic GPS tracker shall send data to GPS tracking software, so we can track the device online and on phone applications GPSPOS

2 Removal alarm: the device comes with a light sensor around the magnets. If device is removed from current installed place, it will alarm as the light sensor shall detect light.

3 Real time tracking mode. We can send SMS command to control device to report at preset intervals to Web tracking platform. The interval is 1 to 3 minutes. In case of vehicle stolen or lost, real time tracking of location can help us get the vehicle back.

4 Long battery life. The covert magnet tracking device is built to last 3 years if it reports 1 point to the server every day. Shorten intervals shall reduce battery life span.

5 Replaceable batteries. If the battery is used out, we can replace the battery, so the device can continuously work for another 3 years.

6 Strong magnets. The devices comes with 2 strong magnets. It is easy to install under the chassis or hidden inside vehicle.

7 Life time free tracking APP. The GPSPOS tracking APP is free to use. It is Hidden GPS tracker without subscription costs.

8 Support multiple tracking modes. There is GPS signal at open place. However, there is no GPS signal underground or inside house, No need to worry since the magnets tracker also supports getting location from WIFI signal or LBS base stations. It is helpful at places where GPS signal is weak.

GPS for car tracking hidden Main Applications

1 Company fleets. Company fleets contributes a lot to the company investment. Loss of any company vehicle is a damage to the company property.

2 Finance companies. Finance companies provide capital to vehicle buyers so they can afford to have their own car. If the car owner failed to pay back or deliberately get vehicle stolen or lost, finance company’s company investment is in danger

3 Banks. Banks are the largest capital funding rescores in market. They play an important role in vehicle selling by cooperation with vehicle sellers. Any failed loan refunding will lead to the loss of banks.

4 Vehicle owners. The theft of vehicles are increasing due to depressed economy. Having a hidden magnets GPS tracker in the vehicle shall increase the chance to get the stolen vehcle back.

Hidden GPS Tracking device Technical Parameters

Model UM666 or UM667 or UM668
Dimensions 77* 40* 21 mm
Weight 86g
Network GSM/GPRS
Frequency 2G Version: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz


4G Version A: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28/B38/B40/B41

4G Version B: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66

GPS chip MTK2503D
GSM Module MTK2503D
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 10m


Time to First Fix

Cold status 45-120s


Warm status 35s

Hot status 1s

Battery Non-rechargeable dry battery 3100 mAh
Standby 3 years
Removal alarm Light sensor
Installation Strong magnet
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 ℃
Operation Temperature -20 to 55 ℃
Humidity 5%-95% non-condensing
asset gps tracker
magnetic gps tracker 4g

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