GPS51 GPS Tracking Software and APP

GPS51 is an advanced gps tracking software with location trackig and video monitoring features. It supports all devices from China, including UniGuard, BSJ, Concox, Gosafe, Coban, Queckink, Tbit, Cantrack, Meitrack, Seeworld, Fifo, Icar, Noran, LHYK, TKstar, Pajtrack, etc. and it also supports Teltonika GPS hardware.

Below are main features of GPS51 GPS Tracking Sofware

1 Realtime Location Tracking

Users can login web tracking sofware with their account and view devices current status online or by APP. The status includes current speed, address, engine status, online/off line status, fuel amount in Litter, Temperature , and alarm status, etc. System should have an interface for showing live position of the vehicle (should be accurate GPS Positioning). 

Vehicle dashboard: Features to have a dashboard to show the current status of all the vehicles which assigned route, kilometer travelled, total stoppage time, total cunning time, time of last GPS reading, interval GPS battery status, GPS status.

gps51 tracking software

2 Various Travel Reports

Travel reports inludes: driving report, route report, location report, mileage summary, month mileage, parking report, often stay report, acc report, rotate report, etc.

Driving Report

It is to know when, where and at what speed, the vehicle has gone and arrived. Users can playback the driving trips per eacy stop.

gps51 driving report


Route Report

 It is to have a detailed reports of vehicle driving and park with speed and locations

gps51 tracking software


Mileage Report/ Monthly Mileage

It is to have an idea of how many distance a vehicle or many vehicles have driven for a month or for a day. Users can select the time as they need, by day or by month.

gps51 tracking software


Parking Report

it is to know where, when and how long the vehicle has parked.

gps51 tracking software


often Stay Report

From this report, we can know at which places the vehicle stop mostly, so as to know if the vehicle has been doing the job per the company law.

gps51 tracking software


 ACC report

For heavy equipment that makes money by their working hrs. This report can be used to know when, where and how long the heqvy equipmen thas been working, so as to give the right money to the equipment owner.

gps51 tracking software


Engine Idel report

Engine ideal means vehicle engine is ON, runing and using fuel, however the speed is zero. By control this, we can avoid fuel waste.

gps51 tracking software

Working hours report

It is to record how many hrs a vehicle has worked for a day.

gps51 tracking software

 Alarm Reports

There are many types of alarms, so are the alarm reports. The alarm reports include recharge report, over speed report, Fence report

gps51 tracking software


 Geo-Fence management

Geofence Support: Many GPS tracking systems allow you to set up virtual boundaries (geofences) and receive alerts when the tracked device enters or exits these areas. With geo-fence, we can restrict vehicles to certain areas, when they go in or to out the fences, there will be alert on web and APP. User can draw round, rectangle, and polygon fences through GPS51 GPS tracking software.


History Playback

To playback history traces of gps tracking device, the software will store history data for 6 months. While playing back histories, it will show vehicle speed, address, and also fuel consumption as well. The GPS tracker must support fuel monitoring first. Application should have facility to replay and route with help historical tracking data collected on the server

gps51 software


Fuel Monitoring Report

GPS51 software is one of the most advanced and user friendly tracking software for vehicle fuel consumption monitoring. The detailed fuel monitoring reports are Monthly fuel report, Monthly Fuel details, Daily Fuel details, Detail Fuel report, working hours fuel report, Idle Fuel Report, Fuel Graph, Fuel Mileage, Refuel/Leak, Refuel report, Leak Report, and Fuel Trend.

gps51 fuel monitoring report

User Admin Management

Users can login the GPS51 tracking software and manage subuser accounts, add sub user, edit subuser or delete subuser accounts

gps51 software


Device Managment

Users can login their admin account so as to add devices, edit devices or remove devices.

gps51 software

GPS51 Tracking APP

Download GPS51 APP from Appstore or Google Play.

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