What role does GPS tracker play in cold chain transportation?

In daily life, perhaps you have purchased some fresh food or fruit from the Internet, and these shipments may be shipped across provinces or even far away. Do you think the goods you received are not only intact, but some are even fresh? Among them, cold chain transportation plays a vital role.

In addition to fruits and fresh foods, medical supplies such as medicines and vaccines will also be used in cold chain transportation. Cold chain transportation is a special transportation method for products that need to be kept fresh. It is equivalent to a large mobile refrigerator with a relatively low temperature in the compartment, which can effectively ensure the freshness of the goods.
cold chain transportation
But at present, there are still some problems in the cold chain transportation industry, and this industry has not yet fully developed. Because fresh food, meat products, fruits and other agricultural products have extremely strict requirements on temperature and humidity from storage to transportation, conventional warehousing and logistics cannot support fresh agricultural products.
cold chain transportation
The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing once provided such a set of figures: The cold chain circulation rate of fruits and vegetables in my country is only about 10%, causing the loss rate of fruits and vegetables as high as 30%.
Cold chain logistics is also an important link to ensure the safety and experience of agricultural products consumption. Fresh agricultural products are required to be transported, transferred and stored in a cold chain environment throughout the entire process to ensure safety, freshness and nutrition. Experts pointed out that the key to controlling the safety of perishable food is to control the growth rate of microorganisms. The key is to control the temperature. Every 6°C increase in temperature will double the growth rate of bacteria and reduce the shelf life of the product by half.
cold chain transportation
Therefore, it is important to ensure that the temperature is within an appropriate range during cold chain transportation. In addition, it is also very important to ensure the safety of the goods in transportation. The installation of GPS locator can realize the whole-process monitoring and management of cold chain vehicles in cold chain transportation.
After installing the GPS locator, some functions can be realized. For example, real-time positioning. On the management platform, managers can view the latest location of the vehicle at any time, so that it is convenient to grasp the whereabouts of the cold chain vehicle for dispatching or receiving goods.
cold chain transportation
The GPS locator will also collect vehicle trajectories, upload the platform, and form reports to facilitate the analysis of cold chain vehicles. At the same time, the GPS locator can be combined with temperature sensitive control equipment to realize temperature sensing and control the temperature of the cold chain truck's cargo compartment. Once the temperature is not kept within the range, the driver and management personnel can also know in time, so as not to spoil the fruits in the compartment.

For the cold chain transportation industry, some functions of the GPS locator still have a considerable effect, which can improve the efficiency of cold chain transportation.

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