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1. Regarding the nine-fold positioning of the GPS locator, will there be another nineteen-fold positioning?
There are always customers who send me the promotional materials of their peers, with nine-fold precise positioning. Ask if we have it too.

When I see it, we all have it, but we don't fool customers like that. What AGPS, EPO, HOTSTILL, gravity sensor are counted, this is all to fool customers. In theory, these are not positioning methods. These are all auxiliary positioning methods.

Because there is no GPS/Beidou/GLONASS positioning chip hardware, these auxiliary positioning are useless, and the final position cannot be calculated. The main function of this auxiliary positioning is to speed up the GPS positioning speed, which must be supported by the positioning hardware chip. Moreover, the general chip factory does not support these three auxiliary positioning methods at the same time, mainly because it is not necessary to use the three auxiliary positioning methods at the same time. Generally only one or two of them are used. It is more common to use one.

G-sensor (Gravity sensor), gravity sensor, also known as acceleration sensor (accelerometer), is a MEMS sensor that can sense the magnitude of acceleration. The g-sensor cannot be positioned alone. The main function of this sensor is to detect stillness/motion, motion direction, and acceleration.

In inertial guidance, the g-sensor can work with the gyroscope to calculate the trajectory without GPS. This requires increased cost. Generally, inertial guidance is used in the military, such as rocket and torpedo navigation, or on mobile phones and tablets. Low-end GPS locators basically do not use gyroscopes, and use g-sensors to determine motion/stillness.

Therefore, several repositioning methods generally say GPS, Beidou, WIFI, and base stations are relatively normal.

Some also say that it supports GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO at the same time, it depends on what antenna you use, our ordinary GPS locator ceramic antenna, the bandwidth can generally cover 20MHz, if it exceeds 20MHZ, you need to use other types of antennas Now, the volume is much larger than our whole machine.

2. Regarding the battery life of GPS products, how is the 10-year long standby time calculated?

GPS trackers with batteries are generally used for vehicle-mounted wireless ultra-long standby products or personal positioning products (watches / bracelets / student cards / pet positioning / pendant positioning, etc.).

Taking 2G module products as an example, 3G and 4G modules consume much more power than 2G, and battery consumption is faster.

How can the description be more reliable?

First look at the formula for battery life: mAH/mA=H.

Where mAH is the battery capacity identification milliampere hour, mA is the working current of the GPS locator, and H is the hour. According to the formula:

(1) First look at the size of the battery

Generally, the ultra-long standby in the car is a one-time lithium-substrate or lithium-manganese battery. The battery is generally around 4000-5000mAH, which is not rechargeable. Personal locators generally use polymer lithium batteries, which can be recharged. Due to volume limitations, student cards generally use 800-1500mAH, and watches/bands generally use 400-500mAH. The size of the battery is generally proportional to the capacity. So in the case of the same current, the larger the battery, the longer the use time.

(2) Look at the current indicator again

The current index is relatively difficult to evaluate. In a few cases, in a nutshell:

Dormancy current when stationary/current of GSM+GPS on/current of single GSM/current of GSM+WIFI.

Here we mainly analyze the most common sleep current and GSM+GPS fully open current.

The sleep current has a lot to do with the machine type and is mainly divided into two categories:

▲Car ultra-long standby GPS locator: MCU + module (the module is actually 2G main control chip + GPS chip)

▲Personal positioning products: 2G main control chip (MTK6261, MTK2503 are more common) + GPS chip

For ultra-long standby MCUs, STMicroelectronics' STM8 series low-power microcontrollers, which are the most power-efficient in sleep state, are generally selected. The overall standby current can be about 10uA (the poor products have 50uA). In order to save power, the machine with long standby time is generally only turned on once a day for about 3 minutes each time, and then all the GSM+GPS+WIFI are turned off.

For personal positioning products, the quiescent current is generally 3-5mA.

There are also many situations when GSM+GPS is turned on. When the GMS signal is not good, the current will increase many times, so the current cannot be accurately evaluated in this situation. According to a normal state, it is the normal signal situation, and the average current is about 60-80mA (some The manufacturer's product design is not good, more than 100mA is the norm), for the convenience of calculation, it is calculated as 60mA.

(3) It also depends on the frequency of GPS and GSM turned on

▲If you need to see the trajectory, you will usually report the location settings once every minute. In this case, it is also divided into whether the device is moving or stationary. When moving, the basic GSM and GPS will not be turned off or enter the power saving mode, which is calculated as 60mA. . When it is still, GPS is generally turned off, and GSM is also in a power-saving state. It is only necessary to maintain the heartbeat connection, and the current is generally around 5mA. In order to simplify the calculation, we all calculate according to the constant motion. So the average current is 60mA.

▲It is also common to report once every 10 minutes. The ultra-long standby time is calculated as 3 minutes each time the power is turned on (because the MCU powers off the module and then turns it on again, basically every time the ephemeris needs to be downloaded again, so it takes a long time), personal positioning us According to each working state for 1 minute (Ephemeris is valid, GPS is valid, GPRS reporting is completed), on average, the ultra-long standby GPS is about 18mA, and the average current of personal positioning GPS is about 10.5mA.

▲If the location is reported once an hour, the average current is very small, because within an hour, it only takes about 3 minutes to run at 60mA, and the remaining 57 minutes are in power-saving mode (about 10uA for ultra-long standby, personal positioning At around 5mA), so the average current of the ultra-long standby machine is 3mA, and the average current of the personal positioning machine is about 7.5mA.

▲According to the report once a day, the average current of ultra-long standby is about 0.15mA (because the 10uA time is long during sleep, the average current is small after 24 hours), and the average current of personal positioning products is more than 5mA, calculated as 5.5mA.

Using a relatively easy-to-understand and common data, when GPS+GSM is turned on, it is calculated by 60mA, when it is sleeping, it is 5mA (personal positioning GPS), 10uA (ultra-long standby positioning GPS), the battery is calculated by 1500mA, and the device is always in motion. Status counts.

In the future, if you encounter different battery capacities, you can refer to it according to the proportion.

Therefore, for 10-year ultra-long standby, you must check the battery capacity and reporting frequency. In fact, many electronic devices have broken components within 10 years, and the machine cannot be used. 10-year ultra-long standby, You should also ask about the mobile traffic costs, so this kind of publicity is basically fooling you.

In fact, 10 years of ultra-long standby is not impossible, the choice of each component is very critical, it must be very expensive! very expensive! very expensive!

3. About GPS positioning accuracy

Generally speaking, you can use your mobile phone to see how the location signal is? How is the positioning accuracy of the mobile phone? Because the space of the mobile phone is larger than that of personal positioning devices such as our car GPS positioning device/positioning watch, the antenna performance is easier to debug and the accuracy will be better. You can compare the location of your GPS device and your mobile phone in the APP to get a sense of the accuracy.

In theory, single-point positioning, when the signal is good, the accuracy is about 5 meters. There are exaggerated propaganda that the positioning can be within 1 meter, which is basically unreliable. Accuracy in the sub-meter and centimeter level mainly depends on RTD and RTK technology. This requires increasing the size and cost of the equipment, and consumer electronic products are basically not used. Submeters and centimeters are located in specific occasions, such as professional surveying and mapping, landslide detection and other industries that are just needed, and the price is mostly in the thousands or tens of thousands. It is not a product of the same order of magnitude as our consumer equipment that costs tens or hundreds of yuan.
4. About the PS effect of GPS positioning products

Selling products online, whether it is good or not, PS is very important. This is an era of looking at beauty. Users are often fooled by high-value product pictures to place an order. When they buy it back, if the product is not in the picture, return it, too lazy to toss. Many people are like this, one sale, one injury, and the next time they will never go to your house to buy.

The product size PS is very small, everyone should take a closer look. The chip area of ​​the MTK2503 is 8.4x6.2mm, plus the ceramic antenna, battery, peripheral circuit, and the PCBA is 30x20x5mm. It is very good. Note that this is not the case. So the picture also has skills, the real size, it is best to have a reference picture, such as a picture taken together with a one-yuan coin, a cigarette case, an ID card, even if there is no PS, but at a glance, you can correctly perceive the size of the real object , In fact, it is more reliable to use a mobile phone to take pictures of real objects without retouching. You have seen various beauties in PS. After seeing real people, the goods are not in the correct version. How do you feel? It is better to show you the original photos or videos honestly, So as not to increase the harm of being cheated after receiving the goods.

5. About the price of GPS locator

Now is the era of excess products. Every industry is desperate for price. From the perspective of economic laws, companies that sell at a loss are basically about to hang up.

Just think about it, sell at a loss, how to maintain the rent of the factory and the wages of employees? Do you still have money to invest in new product development? Product maintenance also costs money, how to do a good job in product service?

People often see low-price sales on the side of the road. Either they are clearing the inventory, and they will not do it after the inventory is sold, or the company is desperate for money and wants to get back the funds quickly at a low price. When it is about to die, it will appear. Such blindly low prices.

It is believed that with the improvement of people's awareness and living standards, more consumers will choose products with better cost performance, rather than simple low-cost products. GPS tracker is a product with software APP. There are many functions in it, and it is very professional. It is best to find a professional service provider, otherwise the problems encountered in use cannot be solved.

Since the GPS industry is also an industry with fierce competition, every year there are peers falling down, and there are very few companies that persist for three years.

For many GPS products with long standby time of three years, the most embarrassing thing is that your machine is still there, and the company that sold it to you is no longer there. GPS is not like a power bank, you only need to use hardware, you need server software/APP software Support, if the company that sells your machine is gone, then your APP software will not work, and your machine will become a piece of scrap iron!

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