What kind of GPS locator should I choose for cold chain logistics and cargo transportation?

For cold chain logistics and cargo transportation companies, installing GPS locators on transportation vehicles has become a management measure, but there are so many GPS locators on the market, so what kind of GPS locator should be selected is the most suitable for logistics transportation Or the freight express industry?

cold chain gps locator

01 Precise positioning & real-time monitoring

cold chain gps locator

First of all, the most basic function of a GPS locator is precise positioning, and it is best to choose a wired GPS locator, so that real-time positioning and monitoring can be achieved while precise positioning. For example, UniGuard UM777 adopts GPS/BDS/GLONASS positioning mode, the positioning accuracy is within 5m, and the device is equipped with wiring that can be connected to the vehicle power supply to achieve real-time positioning.

02 Anti-theft of transport vehicles and goods

For logistics and transportation companies, the safety of vehicles and goods is very important. In order to improve the anti-theft performance, the GPS locator installed by the company should have a variety of alarm functions, such as speeding alarm, fence alarm, illegal driving door alarm, illegal starting vehicle alarm, power failure alarm, SOS distress alarm, etc., through these alarm functions Effectively guarantee the safety of transport vehicles, drivers and cargo.

03 Temperature sensor & oil quantity monitoring

cold chain gps locator

For cold chain logistics companies, strict temperature control is very important, too high or too low temperature may cause damage to the transported goods. The GPS locator installed for this purpose should have a temperature sensor. Once the temperature exceeds the limit, it will automatically send an alarm to the background. In addition, the GPS locator should also be equipped with fuel monitoring for all possible fuel theft problems in vehicles. Once abnormal consumption is detected, it will also send a notification to the background.

04Intelligent management of transportation vehicles

cold chain gps locator

It is impossible for cold chain logistics and cargo transportation enterprises to keep an eye on the movement of a certain transportation vehicle all the time, and for enterprises, multi-vehicle management and vehicle scheduling are necessary tasks. At this time, you can use the GPS locator management platform to realize the intelligent management of transportation vehicles. Companies can use a GPS locator management platform similar to "Locate Now", through custom electronic fences, playback trajectories, driving behavior analysis, equipment management, etc., to rationally manage all transport vehicles.

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