GF09 GPS Tracker

The GF09 GPS tracker is a small, portable device. It uses GPS technology to track and monitor the location of a person or object. As well GF09 can be used to track vehicles, pets, and children.

The device is small enough to fit in a pocket or attach to a keychain. GF09 is powered by a 350mah rechargeable battery that lasts for 5 days at most. User can use either a mobile app (IOS and Android both supported) or web-based platform to view real-time location data, set up geofencing boundaries, and receive alerts when the device goes outside of a designated area.

GF09 GPS tracker is a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking for a simple, cost-effective solution for location tracking and monitoring.

gf09 gps tracker

GF09 Features

1 WIFI+LBS+AGPS Location Tracking

2 Live Location tracking on APP and Web

3 History traces playback on APP and Web

4 Remote voice monitoring/ listening-in with high-definition silicon microphone

5 Remote audio recording on APP

6 Unlimited audio recording times

7 Auto audio recording when shock detected

8 Auto audio recording when voice is detected above 60 db

9 Geo-fence alarm to give alert when GF09 moves out the preset area

10 Builtin 350mah rechargeable battery

11 Low battery alarm

12 SOS alarm

13 Magnet installation

14 Auto callback when voice is detected above 60db

15 Auto callback when shock is detected

GF09 Speicifications

Positioning accuracy  10 – 500 meters
Memory support  Do not support. Have unlimited recording space on APP
Positioning accuracy  WiFi+LBS+AGPS=10-500 meters
Recording range  80 square meters
Platform view  SMS + APP + computer
Communication frequency  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Charging input  5V voltage
Working temperature  -20 – 85 Deg.C
Network standard  GSM / GPRS
Product size  33*22*16mm/1.30*0.87*0.63″

GF09 GPS Tracker User Manual

Below are the SMS commands used to control GF09 Tracker.

Locator SMS operation guide
Function SMS commands Replies Note
Binding a master control number 000#number#number#number# 000#1234477# Max can bind 3 numbers only or just one number
Message recording 111 Start recording 10 GF07 model with memory card shall operate.
Audio recording 222 Voice control recording 10 When environment voice is above 60db, device will start a loop recording 10 minutes. GF07 stores on memory card. GF21 GF09 GF22 records on APP at 1 minute per record.
Voice-activated callback 333 Voice-activated telephone alarm When environment voice is above 60db, device dials master number
Turn off all functions 555 Turn off all enabled functions Disable all functions manually on the device.
Vibration-activated SMS 666 Vibration sms alarm When the device detects vibration, it sends SMS to the master number.
Vibration-activated callback 777 Vibrating telephone alarm When the device detects vibration, it automatically dial the master number.
Recording for 10 seconds upload to app 789 Sending a recording 10 Device records 10 seconds and send to app
SMS positioning 999 Location Location of equipment by WIFI or AGPS or LBS
Modify GPRS interval #md#second MD#10# OK Can be set from 10 to 60 seconds
Modify GPRS interval Time#minute Time# Can be set to 1 or 3 or 10 minutes
Set heartbeat interval Heartbeat#time# Heartbeat#time# Can be st from 10 to 120 seconds
Enable track upload 123#1 OK/ON Device will send gps data to server so as to check history traces
Close track upload 123#0 OFF
Password restore Pwrst Restore the original password 123456
Restore device 1122 OK Device will be restored in 1 minute
Query IMEI Imei# IMEI+SN number If barcode is lost, use this to get device IMEI
Restart device SYSRST# Restart after 1 minute
Set device LED on/off LED#on




GF09 GPS Tracker Tracking APP

Search GF09 Tracking APP at Appstore or Google Play “zerogps” so as to download. It is free to download. All units bought from UniGuard enjoy life time free tracking service. No subscription charge.

gf21 gps tracker app

GF09 Voice Recording Test

GF09 has voice recording feature. The recorded voice either stores locally in TF card or on phone appplication. User can send command from APP to start voice recording at interval of 30 secs or command device to automatically do voice recording as long as there is shock or louder voice.

gf09 tracker

GF09 Battery Life

GF09 tracker battery is 350mAh. It has several tracking modes. We can choose the right mode so as to increase battery life and reduce charging times.

gf gps tracker battery life

GF09 Review

Reviews of the GF09 GPS tracker are mixed.

Positive: Some users report that the device works well and provides accurate location information,

Negative: Some users have experienced issues with connectivity or the app’s functionality and the battery life is shorter than advertised.

Notice: GF09 is not a GPS Tracker. It is a GSM tracker that locates assets by LBS or WIFI. So the accuracy could be 10 or 500 meters, since LBS location is not accurate when your local network coverage is poor. BTS, in China it is 10m accuracy as China has so many GSM stations around us. By WIFI, it is more accurate, as WIFI address comes from Google.

11 commentaires

  • A Daniel,
    Buen día. GF09 solo funciona con tarjeta SIM 2G, verifique si su SIM admite 2G o no. Y coloque el dispositivo en un lugar abierto para cargarlo por completo. Además, no es compatible con GPS, es un rastreador GSM. Por tanto, la precisión puede ser de 10 ma 10000 m. Como la ubicación GSM funciona mediante torres GSM. Cuantas más torres, más precisa.

    gps tracker
  • buenas
    no hay conexion con GF-09 siempre sale: corrently no location information
    solamente indica la posicion del celular
    provando con gps en la casa y con el celular distante 5 km

  • To Shun,
    Good day. It does not support factory reset. You may try the sms command to restore it. SMS command has no password.

    gps tracker
  • How we could do factory reset to original password?
    Hard reset with switch or button?
    Thank you.

  • How we could do factory reset to original password?
    Hard reset with switch or button?
    Thank you.


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