Fuel Monitoring Concern

When we talk about vehicle fuel monitoring solution, it is limited to trucks only, no matter it is van truck, dumper, concrete mixer, rooter, refrigerator or bulldozer. The tanks of trucks are in regular shape, either rectangle or cylinder. Installation of fuel sensor on such tanks is accurate and right forward.

As a fleet truck owner, they must have their concerns when choose a fuel monitoring system. No one knows how the system will perform before using it. Our aim is to remove fuel monitoring concern and offer value added service to all clients.

What are the fuel monitoring concerns of a truck owner when it comes to select a fuel monitoring system?

  1. Accuracy of Fuel Data: The accurate fuel consumption measurement is at top priority. So we can know the precise fuel consumption or abnormal fuel activity. With GPS tracker, ultrasonic fuel sensor and GPS51.VIP Tracking software, we can offer accurate fuel monitoring data and best fuel monitoring solution.


  1. Real-Time Monitoring: The ability to monitor fuel amount and consumption in real-time is important. So we can just sit in office, open the computer or app, and monitor the fuel. As well, we can give immediate response to any irregularities or unexpected changes. Finally, the system should effectively prevent fuel theft, unauthorized usage, and inefficiencies. GPS51.VIP with the GPS51 Tracking APP, any one with access account can monitor their fleets and fuel status real-timely.


  1. Detailed Fuel Reports: Detailed fuel consumption reports are vital for effective analysis and decision-making. Reports are like fuel consumption vs mileage, fuel consumption per 100KM, refuel report, leak report, and fuel consumption trend etc. GPS51.VIP has more than 12 reports about fuel monitoring, including: Monthly Fuel Report, Monthly Fuel details, Daily Fuel details, Daily fuel report, Working fuel report, Idel Fuel report, Fuel Time, Fuel Mileage report, Refuel/Leak report, Fuel trend, Refuel Report, Leak Report.


  1. Instant Alerts and Notifications: If there are fuel leak or any abnormal fuel usage, like long engine idle, fuel sudden drop, and irregular refuel amount , the fuel monitoring system should send out alerts immediately. All abnormal alerts about fuel leak, power tamper, over speed, and geo-fence, shall be displayed on both tracking web and APP.


  1. Cost Efficiency: We need compare the savings after installation of truck fuel monitoring system with the cost of installation of the system. If the fuel monitoring solution offers high return on investment, we would be lovely to install such system on the trucks. Just imagine, if the fuel monitoring solution can help you detect only 100L fuel theft action, is it worth it? Actually, it is more than 100L, it could be 1000L every year that the fuel tracking system helps you to save.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: The GPS tracking software interface should be easy to use. With simple operation, we can see all the fuel relate data, have different reports, and have fuel abnormal alerts. As well, we can also assign difference person to login and monitor without tampering the system. GPS51.VIP has been under continuous upgrading since the day it is developed. We kindly invite all clients to give us feedback and we improve its functions and performance.


  1. Long-Term Reliability and Support: The fuel monitoring system should be stable and endurable with reliable customer support and maintenance. GPS51.VIP shall be always running to support our local clients, and we shall always support the clients with enough knowledge to mange their local customers, serve them well, and make them know the true value of our system.

As long as our system can remove any fuel monitoring concern of the truck owners, it is one of the best system for truck fuel monitoring.

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