Application of GPS Tracker to Cold Chain Transportation

With the upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the freshness of ingredients. Fresh products have become the focus of many e-commerce companies. These changes in market demand have driven cold chain logistics into a period of rapid development. It feels that the company is being pushed by the market, and the cold chain business is in short supply. The cold chain industry policy provides a favorable policy environment for the development of the cold chain industry.

Cold Chain Transportation

First, operation monitoring. Multi-windows, multi-screens can monitor the operation of multiple vehicles at the same time, can accurately report vehicle location (including location, time) and operating conditions (including engine, temperature, speed), and can analyze vehicle mileage, speeding and other operating information within a specified time Statistics to understand whether the goods are safe on the way, whether they can arrive quickly and efficiently, and provide route analysis, route optimization, and record the historical trajectory of vehicles for operation evaluation and command dispatch. When a vehicle is involved in an accident, the location and condition of the accident vehicle can be reported to the monitoring center in a timely and accurate manner, and decisions can be made quickly to minimize the loss of the accident.
Second, vehicle tracking. Through GPS technology, real-time tracking and display of selected vehicles can be realized, and the GIS geographic information system can be used to display the positioning results, which can intuitively reflect the location of the vehicle, road conditions, distance to the nearest cold storage, and distance of the vehicle running line.
Third, route planning. According to different types of goods, delivery locations, and transportation times, GPS technology can be used to design the best driving route, including the fastest route, the simplest route, and the route with the least number of passes through highway sections. After the route is planned, the three-dimensional navigation function of GPS is used to display the designed route and the running route and method of the vehicle on the display. The GPS positioning system solves the outstanding problems of serious vehicle empty driving caused by poor information communication, insecurity of cargo transportation, poor reliability of vehicle qualifications, and difficulty in vehicle scheduling. It integrates existing resources to the greatest extent through information technology and enables enterprises Obtain good economic benefits.
Fourth, information query. It can intuitively understand the geographic location of the transportation vehicle from the GIS geographic system in real time, and can also query information such as the route, time, and mileage of the vehicle. The system can automatically compare the data sent by the vehicle with the preset data, and report the occurrence of large deviations. The display screen can immediately display the alarm target, and plan the optimal assistance plan to avoid the situation that endangers the safety of people, vehicles, and goods. occur.
Fifth, command and dispatch. The monitoring center can dynamically dispatch and manage all vehicles in the system based on the operating conditions of the vehicles. By implementing vehicle dispatch, the actual load rate of the vehicles can be increased, the empty driving rate of the vehicles can be effectively reduced, the transportation cost, and the transportation efficiency can be improved.

Cold Chain Transportation
Cold storage rental cold chain vehicle transportation insurance is fully guaranteed. As an ordinary consumer, whether it is in a comprehensive hypermarket or a traditional vegetable farm, when buying meat, dairy products, frozen packaged food, etc., products that require temperature control to keep fresh, except for consideration Are the products genuine at a fair price, free from fakes and inferior quality, and reliable in quality. Have you considered how these products are distributed from the manufacturer to the end of sale? Because the quality of very warm products in the entire supply chain is very important.

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